Sweets are an integral part of our lives. When the craving starts, it is just irresistible …

At SesamMe we believe that sweets can be a combination of healthy nutrients and vitamins and at the same time satisfy the inner desire of our sweet tooth.

We believe the world is advancing towards healthier and more natural consumer habits, where the consumer wants to understand each of the ingredients in the product they consume and whether those ingredients are healthy for you.

Our products use the highest quality raw ingredients while maintaining the highest culinary hygiene standards. 

Traditiional Hand-made family product

SesamMe is all about the shopping experience and product variety. Our shops provide the customer with a huge range of flavours and colours, suiting every personal taste and occasion.

SesamMe is a family run business. Creating Tahini and Halva and bringing them to our customers around the world.


All our halva is hand made, created using traditional knowledge that has been running in our family for generations. Our products are based on the highest quality ingredients. Our Sesame is specially imported from Africa just to make our products.

Our Mission

SesamMe's goal is to spread Sesame products around the world and reach everyone who's never tasted the amazing flavour of Tahini and Halva, and to show  them about Halva's positive healthy qualities....  and all the ways to deliciously consume it!

  • Educate the consumers about the Sesame world and about Halva in particular.

  • Provide a healthier alternative to the sweets and candies available on the market.

  • Provide a unique shopping experience where the customer gets to taste and pick from a wide range of flavours.

  • Provide outstanding customer service, where the customer gets full clarity on product ingredients, allergy warnings and flavour preference.

  • And finally, make people smile :-)